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Tonev, Emil

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Club Z - Bulgaria | 03/04/2014

In Bulgaria the mafia has a state

The Japanese mafia organisation Yakuza has built up an Internet presence. But the Japanese lag far behind the Bulgarians, the news portal Club Z jokes: "Our mafia owns not only websites, but also newspapers and even entire television stations. We could name most of them, but who cares? It's not as if they were hiding. Those in power have known them for a long time, and even delight in making use of their services. If we wanted to be cynical, we could name two websites where most of the documents and files of the Bulgarian mafia over the last 25 years can be freely accessed: and But because we're not cynical, let's not. We don't want to make any insinuations. No, no. But since it's always being alleged that the state has a mafia and that it's only in Bulgaria that the mafia has a state, we suggest the following: Bulgaria should register the domain as soon as possible and use it for its own purposes. We've had a look: it's still free."

Monitor - Bulgaria | 14/01/2008

Alekso Petrov's scandalous film about Bulgarian orphans

A debate has erupted around the film "Baklava" by Bulgarian director Alekso Petrov, who lives in Canada. The film involves an orphanage in Burgas, and it has residents of the home portraying the sex and drug abuse that is rampant there. State institutions and others have charged the director with using scandal to try to manipulate public opinion. Emil Tonew begs to differ: "Why are state institutions so focused on the film? In order to distract public attention from the failures of the government by turning them toward social policy . ... The film's chilling scenes are a small detail of the pigsty in which we live. ... This young director has the chance to change our society. He and his peers have to be even more radical, more scandalous and vulgar, because our generation - the older one - has not managed to accomplished the societal changes for which we longed.”

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