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Tomlinson, Ricky

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 02/04/2013

British welfare reform dead wrong

The "bedroom tax" went into effect on April 1 in the UK. Welfare recipients will now have their housing benefits cut if they are deemed to have more bedrooms than they actually need. Like many other media the left-liberal daily The Guardian is caustic in its criticism of the reform: "Who else could have dreamed up the bedroom tax, a policy so stupid it forces people to leave their homes and drag themselves around the country in search of nonexistent one-bedroom flats? That one has to be the result of too many hours in front of Jeremy Kyle (no offence) with the heating on full and a can of super-strength lager. It seems as if that is how this government views ordinary people: feckless and useless - poor, because they brought it on themselves, deliberately. Maybe the cabinet is confused. Twenty-three millionaires in the one room can get like that. But do you know what, enough. Let's call this government's welfare policy what it is - wrong, nasty and dishonest."

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