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Tomičić, Tihana

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Novi list - Croatia | 07/01/2016

Croatia's "reformers" just hardcore conservatives

Approximately two months after the parliamentary elections in Croatia the dispute over the formation of a government is still ongoing. The liberal election alliance Most, which emerged as the third-strongest party and kingmaker, has turned out to be a bunch of radical conservatives, complains the centre-left daily Novi list: "In the negotiations with the conservative HDZ the mini-party Most is fiercely insisting that it be given control of the security apparatus. Until recently we saw it as a group of nice boys, naïve and full of reform zeal. A kind of HDZ 'light', as the decision to name the non-partisan entrepreneur Tim Orešković as prime minister-designate was designed to demonstrate. But now they want to manipulate the police, the intelligence services and the judiciary, and this is making their ties to the nationalist secret service structures of the war years in the 1990s increasingly obvious. Most is a 'hardcore' version of the HDZ and the whole thing stinks to high heaven already."

Novi list - Croatia | 23/12/2014

Presidential candidates completely drab

Ahead of the presidential election in Croatia on Sunday the four candidates crossed swords in a TV debate on Monday. In the midst of its worst crisis the country also has the most boring and incompetent set of candidates, the left-liberal daily Novi List complains: "This election campaign is completely devoid of content and the personalities of the candidates too weak to inspire any real passion. Two of the four candidates are total losers and don't stand a chance while the two favourites, Josipović and Graber-Kitarović, are so ultra respectful that they're incapable of a proper confrontation. And if they tried to they would be even less credible. ... Ideologically the two candidates are clearly positioned: Ivo Josipović is a liberal anti-fascist and Kolinda Graber-Kitarović a conservative, so the voters needn't go to much trouble or puzzle over the details."

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