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Tomšič, Dr. Matevž

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Večer - Slovenia | 21/07/2009

Matevž Tomšič on the need to confront the past

Sociologist Matevž Tomšič writes in the daily Večer that states need to confront the dark chapters in their past to be able to develop positively in the present: "This helps to overcome historical traumas that complicate human relations. It removes barriers that paralyse society and prevent them from realising their full potential. Those peoples who are able to confront the dark side of their past … are also able to change themselves and overcome the negative patterns of the past. In other words: the ballast of the past weighs heavier and heavier on those who are not able to do so. We find examples of both among our European neighbours. Let's look at how the fascist Nazi legacy has been dealt with: On the one hand we have Germany, which has carried out a thorough de-Nazification. … On the other we have Austria and Italy. In these countries there has been no systematic confrontation with the same episode in their past. That's why there are still attempts there to excuse and relativise the seriousness of the National Socialist and fascist crimes."

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