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Tomić, Ante

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Slobodna Dalmacija - Croatia | 17/11/2015

Terror in Paris a daily reality in Middle East, writes Ante Tomić

If you are aware of what the Western world has been up to for years in the Middle East you shouldn't be surprised by attacks like those in Paris, journalist Ante Tomić writes in the liberal daily Slobodna Dalmacija: "Of course people are surprised to hear about bombs exploding in the streets of Paris and innocent people dying in a rain of bullets. Doing something like that in a Western, Catholic city is a crime. But to be frank: was the attack on Friday any different from what our Catholic West has been doing in the Arab, Muslim world for decades? ... The soul of an enticingly beautiful European city was scarred on Friday. But you see, there are also many beautiful cities in the Arab world. ... What made Friday the 13th one of the worst days in the history of Paris is a normal, ugly, day-to-day occurrence in many cities of the Middle East and Northern Africa. So before we ask what kind of people the culprits are, we should ask the same question about ourselves." - Croatia | 09/02/2015

Ante Tomić on why nationalists need the term "genocide"

The International Court of Justice's dismissal of the genocide claims brought by Croatia and Serbia has met with incomprehension and outrage among large sections of the population in both countries and right across the political spectrum. Sad and yet so typical for the Balkans, concludes Croatian writer Ante Tomić in the left-liberal online portal fest: "Well, it seems even genocide is not what it once was. The criteria have suddenly been intensified, the bar has been raised shockingly high and we have failed to qualify. The ruling in The Hague that the Serbs did not commit genocide against the Croats and vice versa has outraged many. … Genocide? Who the hell needs that?! Unfortunately quite a few people do need it. People love excessive, gruesome words like genocide, the crime of crimes, because they feel a perverse desire to make others appear worse than they are. Nationalism does this the whole time, there are no depths to which it will not go. It has to blow everything up to bursting point. Nationalism is like a vampire, it is addicted to blood and can never get enough."

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