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Tomasky, Michael

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 04/06/2008

Five suggestions for Obama

Now that Barack Obama has the Democratic nomination more or less in his pocket, Michael Tomasky offers five pieces of advice: "First, Obama needs to redefine himself. ... He needs a new stump speech geared toward the general election that will reintroduce his strongest themes and answer the criticisms. Second, he needs to define John McCain. ... He needs to put McCain on the defensive over his support for the Iraq war. ... Third, Obama has to make nice with the Clintons and, especially, Hillary's supporters. He will need them in a big way in November ... Fourth, he needs to work more broadly to unite the party. ... Fifth and finally, he needs to brace himself. We are going to see and hear a lot of outright racist and other crazy garbage in this country until election day."

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