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Tomašević, Silvije

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Večernji list - Croatia | 21/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: Fears of Islamisation unfounded

Several European states still refuse to take in Muslim refugees from Syria. Fears of Islamisation are entirely unjustified, admonishes the conservative daily Večernji List: "The Syrian Muslims could stay in Turkey or any other Muslim country in the Middle East. Yet they choose Europe, European democracy, where freedom and law prevail and laws are not based on religion but must be respected by everyone, regardless of their beliefs. Muslims who come to Europe make a choice when they flee. They don't want caliphates or any kind of Islamic state. … If the number of Muslim migrants continues to rise at its current pace the EU will have around 40 million Muslims by 2050, which is still less than 10 percent of its total population (500 million). Is this supposed to be the Islamisation of Europe?"

Večernji list - Croatia | 19/06/2015

Encyclical deals with more than ecology

Above and beyond environmental protection Pope Francis's encyclical Laudato Si also deals with social problems, the conservative daily Večernji List writes in praise: "Human egoism leads to the impoverishment of creation and the neglect of the next generations. The pope has called for sustainable and holistic development, and admonishes that the people 'have paid the price for the bank bailouts'. The market generates consumer-oriented mechanisms, but they must not become a model for humanity. And what exactly does the commandment 'Thou shalt not kill' mean today? It means that 20 percent of the world's population should not use so much of the world's resources that it amounts to robbing the rest of humanity and the coming generations. ... We are not dealing with two separate crises, of the environment on the one hand and society on the other, but a single complex socio-economic crisis. Francis's message changes the world, or at least attempts to."

Večernji list - Croatia | 15/04/2015

Croatia's absence from Expo 2015 foolish

Croatia is the only EU country not taking part in Expo 2015, the global exhibition that will kick off in Milan on May 1. That's a foolish decision for a country with an important tourism industry and arguing that it costs too much is a weak excuse, the conservative daily Večernji List criticises: "For neighbouring Italy, Croatia's refusal comes as a slap in the face. Apart from ignoring the importance of good neighbourly and economic relations, Croatia's absence illustrates its attitude to the Mediterranean region, tourism and energy. With the move, the government has shown just how undiplomatic, tactless and incompetent it is in questions of economics. The costs of participation - which Italy reduced by one third for Croatia to make up for last year's flood disaster - wouldn't even have had to be covered by the state, because enough sponsors would have been willing to foot the bill."

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