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Tol, Gönül

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Radikal - Turkey | 01/07/2015

Turkish buffer zone in Syria unrealistic

After a meeting of the National Security Council on Monday, pro-government media in Turkey have reported on plans by Ankara to establish a buffer zone in Syria. This option is unrealistic, the liberal Internet paper Radikal believes: "The talk is of a 110-km long and 35-km wide zone patrolled by 18,000 soldiers. ... Pro-government newspapers are saying that Turkey can carry out such a mission without the help of US generals. But without US air support it will be hard for Turkey to implement the plan. ... The US hasn't changed its attitude to a no-fly zone, and isn't about to do so. ... Because shortly before the conclusion of the nuclear talks, Washington is keen not to anger either Russia or Iran. ... In the current situation where Turkey still lacks a new government and the people so clearly reject the former government's policy on Syria, the government can't seriously consider an intervention in Syria."

Radikal - Turkey | 17/06/2015

Erdoğan's hatred of Kurds further isolates Turkey

Kurdish fighters on Tuesday recaptured the Syrian border city of Tal Abyad which had been held by the IS. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned that this created a new threat on the Syrian-Turkish border. Didn't he perceive the IS fighters as a threat, the liberal online paper Radikal asks in surprise: "This stance that the Kurds represent a greater threat than the IS will cause great concern for the country. … But this view won't last long because the Kurds have now reached the point where they are impossible to ignore. We are confronted with a Kurdish movement at the zenith of its political and military achievements. And this Kurdish movement has become the most efficient ground force in the fight against the IS for Washington. … At such a time a Turkey that fails to resolve the Kurdish problem will only become more isolated in the region."

Radikal - Turkey | 10/12/2014

Baghdad allies with Kurds and helps Europe

The Iraqi central government in Baghdad has reached an agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government in Erbil over future oil exports from the Kurdish Region of Iraq. All parties stand to benefit, the liberal internet paper Radikal believes: "With this agreement both the Kurds and Baghdad will fill their pockets. In signing the document, the Kurds are not only giving their word that they will share the revenues from oil sales with Baghdad, they are also renewing their alliance with Baghdad. That means they're committing themselves to putting their own dreams of independence on the back burner for the moment. For the US and Iran, which are both opposed to an independent Kurdistan, that is good news. Even Europe can benefit from this situation. If Baghdad and Erbil join forces and cooperate over energy, it can help to cover Europe's gas demands and reduce its dependency on Russia."

Radikal - Turkey | 14/08/2014

Peace in Syria needed to defeat IS

US airstrikes and Kurdish troops have broken the siege around Mount Sinjar so that many of the Yazidi fleeing the IS militias have been able to leave the area. Obama's decision to pursue a different strategy in Syria and not intervene in the war that has been raging there for three years is a dangerous mistake, the liberal daily Radikal believes: "Obama sees the developments in Syria and Iraq as independent of each other. But the front lines are not as separate as he would like them to be. The terrorist organisation IS may have emerged as a result of the US invasion of Iraq, but it feeds on the ongoing civil war and the religious war in Syria. As long as Iraq lacks a government that comprises Kurds, Sunnis, Shiites and Turkmens and as long as the massacre in Syria continues, the IS won't be defeated."

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