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Tokfalvi, Elek

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hvg - Hungary | 24/06/2014

The secret communists in the Orbán government

Hungary's State Secretary for Domestic Security László Tasnádi worked for the secret state police in the communist era, according to the research of journalists published last week. The remarkable thing is that Tasnádi is a member of Viktor Orbán's firmly anti-communist government, the left-liberal weekly Heti Világgazdaság comments: "The ruling party Fidesz has always displayed double standards. In the political arena it has laid claim to anti-communism. It self-righteously proclaims judgement on who was a communist and who wasn't. However unlike the players from the oppositional left it is extremely indulgent when it comes to its own politicians. ... In the first Orbán cabinet alone (1998-2002) there were at least four members of government who worked for the secret state police during communism. This was the worst showing of all the governments we have seen since the fall of communism."

hvg - Hungary | 09/05/2013

Fine for denigrating Roma is censorship

Hungary's media authorities fined the right-wing conservative daily Magyar Hírlap 250,000 forint (roughly 850 euros) on Monday. In an aggressive commentary published by the paper in January, Zsolt Bayer had called the Roma animals, among other things. Writing in the left-liberal weekly paper Heti Világgazdaság, the journalist Elek Tokfalvi sees no point to the fine because in his view it curtails press freedom: "Twenty-one years after the end of communist censorship, a newspaper has been punished for saying what it thinks. Have Zsolt Bayer and Magyar Hírlap committed a crime? No. Has anyone influenced by the article committed a crime? No. (And if yes, why have there been no prosecutions?) ... The fine isn't going to improve the situation, either. Bayer's reputation has not suffered among the right-wing camp, on the contrary. ... Press censorship has been reintroduced in Hungary."

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