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Tokatlian, Juan Gabriel

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 23/07/2008

The EU distances itself from Latin America

Argentinean sociologist Juan Gabriel Tokatlian fears relations between Latin America and Europe could deteriorate: "The European Union has become a worrying labyrinth for Latin America. ... The goal of a common constitution has been put on ice while the Right is continuing to gain ground. The limits of European unity and the decline of progressive forces are having a negative impact on relations between the EU and Latin America. ... Aside from the Cuba issue (the EU has just lifted its sanctions against the island) there is little difference between the signals coming from Washington and those from Brussels. Many of the stances in Europe seem to be guided by election dynamics and the attempt to forge links with Washington rather than a policy based on principles and a coherent strategy. On the other hand Europe claims it wants to expand economic relations, but refuses to make any important concessions that would pave the way, for example, for an agreement between the EU and Mercosur."

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