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Török, Gábor

ungarischer Politologe

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1.  Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | 18/03/2015

Orbán was an informer? So what?

Lajos Simicska, a former colleague and friend of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has voiced allegations that Orbán acted as an informant for the Hungarian ... » more

2.  Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | 07/04/2014

Orbán benefited from new electoral system

Fidesz, the right-wing conservative ruling party in Hungary, also owes its victory in Sunday's parliamentary elections to that fact that it changed the electoral law ... » more

3.  Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | 16/09/2013

Row over extra costs is Fidesz' wonder weapon

Hungary's right-wing conservative government under Viktor Orbán plans to lower ancillary living costs (electricity, gas, district heating) by 11.1 percent by November 1 after already ... » more

4.  Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | 27/01/2013

Green division good for Orbán and opposition

At the party conference of the LMP, the green opposition party in Hungary, a group called the "Dialogue for Hungary" platform announced on Sunday that ... » more

5.  Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | 12/06/2012

Change of government possible in Hungary

According to recent surveys by Hungarian polling institutes the right-wing conservative governing party Fidesz is fast losing its electoral base. In fact Viktor Orbán's government ... » more

6.  Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | 17/05/2012

Orbán bleeding opposition dry

The right-wing conservative government under Viktor Orbán plans to stop state funding for parties for the remaining two years of the current legislative period. The ... » more

7.  Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | 02/11/2011

Gábor Török on the turmoil in the Hungarian party system

The Hungarian party system was long considered to be especially stable after the fall of communism but is now in a state of turmoil, political ... » more

8.  Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | 27/09/2011

Hungary's radical right gains ground

According to the election polls, Hungary's right-wing extremist parliamentary party Jobbik is currently neck to neck with the strongest opposition party so far, the socialist ... » more

9.  Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | 30/03/2011

Viktor Orbáns star on the wane

Hungary's governing Fidesz party has suffered a clear loss in popularity. Whereas the right-wing conservative party won a two-thirds majority in the parliamentary elections almost ... » more

10.  Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | 15/03/2011

Hungary's unworthy constitutional process

The constitution as amended by the right-wing conservative government of Hungary will be discussed in parliament in the coming week. But aside from the far ... » more


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