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Todorova, Kapka

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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 26/08/2015

The end of Schengen will be the end of the EU

Since the attack, averted just in time, in the Thalys express train from Amsterdam to Paris politicians have been discussing whether or not to reintroduce border controls within the Schengen area. That would be fatal for the EU, according to the daily newspaper 24 Chasa: "Discontinuation of the Schengen Agreement would have many very serious and dangerous consequences. First of all, the UK would use it to limit the entry of people from Eastern Europe to the country. London has already been trying to do this for a long time, but is only hesitating because of resistance from Germany. Without free movement of goods and people, the greatest advantage of EU membership would be lost for the new EU countries, including Bulgaria. … In the older EU countries, it would also have serious economic consequences. Generally, it would mean the beginning of the end of the EU."

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 01/07/2015

Tsipras evading responsibility

The Tsipras government is trying to evade responsibility with the referendum, the daily 24 Chasa complains: "All the chances have been wasted. Tsipras and his finance minister have no more advocates in the EU. After all the billions that have been pumped into the Greek budget and all the offers made to the Greeks, the EU finance ministers don't want to play any more games. The Greek crisis is now solely Greece's problem. … Alexis Tsipras and his cabinet are trying to pin the blame for their failure on the evil Europeans, the neo-liberals, the conspiring creditors, Germany, the IMF and capitalism. This is why they are bidding the Greeks to the ballot on Sunday. Soon we'll see whether they prefer to queue up at the polling stations or at the cash points."

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 28/08/2013

Media bad-mouth Bulgarians but mean the Roma

In view of the growing number of Roma making their way to Western Europe from Bulgaria and Romania, Western media report ever more frequently on this migration trend. In doing so they mostly equate Bulgarians with the Roma, the daily 24 Chasa complains: "They would never allow themselves to attack the 'Roma, Sinti and other migrant populations', to use the politically correct designations, with racist slogans and insults. But once you exchange the term 'Roma' with 'Bulgarians' or 'Romanians' all of a sudden anything goes - from lurid headlines to open hostilities against ministers. Fomenting resentment against Bulgarians is okay, even if you're really referring to the Roma. As long as you don't call a spade a spade you can preserve the appearance of tolerance. These double standards are more harmful than all the Roma-baiting in Bulgaria or the Czech Republic taken together. Because once again they sweep the real problems of the Roma from Eastern Europe under the carpet."

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 17/08/2013

Holidaying on Black Sea coast is masochism

Bulgaria's Black Sea coast is completely sullied, the daily 24 Chasa complains, warning readers not to go there on their holidays: "If the Americans were better in geography they wouldn't give their military operations names like 'Shock and Awe', 'Desert Storm' or 'Sledgehammer'. If they really wanted to instil shock and awe they would call them things like 'Sosopol beach', 'Varna promenade' or 'Bulgarian campsite toilets'. Going on holiday in Bulgaria is pure masochism. The beaches are strewn with rubbish: cigarette stubs, plastic bottles, syringes, condoms, old air beds from 2007, the remains of dead animals and to top it off all the stray cats and dogs. Apart from a few beaches that look quite decent because all the junk has been buried under the sand, Bulgaria's Black Sea coast is just one huge itchy rash."

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 26/05/2011

Germans perplexed by Bulgarian Roma

Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants pose a serious problem in Germany cities because they are uneducated and work in poor conditions for starvation wages, the German news magazine Der Spiegel reported recently. Clearly the Germans are unable to understand these Bulgarians and Romanians, who incidentally are Roma, writes the daily 24 Chasa: "Of all people it's the Germans - who have welcomed so many refugees, foreign workers and dissidents from all over the world in the last 60 years - who are now perplexed at the small problem served up for them by the Bulgarian Roma. In their home countries they have been abandoned to the evils of unemployment for generations. Their children have never seen a school from the inside and the young women often don't even know that there is such a thing as hot running water. The Germans have seen plenty in their time, but even they are bewildered at the abject poverty that has come their way not from the deserts of Africa but from within Europe's borders."

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