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Todorov, Vladislav

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Kultura - Bulgaria | 22/01/2010

Vladislav Todorov on the empty word "reform"

Twenty years after the end of the socialist dictatorship in Bulgaria the term "reform" has fallen into disrepute, writes Vladislav Todorov in the weekly Kultura: "After twenty years of perfidious and underhanded reforms, the term itself sounds like an extremely dubious political buzzword. The reforms have failed to achieve their social objectives and have not improved the welfare of those who believed in them. Nowadays the word reform signifies nothing more than a deliberate humiliation of the people. ... But the spirit of reform has been unable to get the better of the ubiquitous Oriental spirit which has always united our countrymen and now rules supreme. This spirit dictates that any reforms or changes that are introduced in a rational way can only bring disaster."

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