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Todorov, Vladimir

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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 01/08/2011

Bulgaria's drivers wage war on pedestrians

According to police statistics around a half of all traffic accidents in Bulgaria's capital Sofia involve pedestrians, twice as many as in other European cities. You take your life in your hands when you venture over a zebra crossing in Sofia, the daily 24 Chasa complains: "Four years after Bulgaria joined the EU, Bulgarian drivers are a far cry from being European as far as tolerance and respect for pedestrians go. It is still a rare thing indeed for them to stop at a zebra crossing or let a pedestrian go first. ... Several people have to gather at a crossing to get across the street in Sofia, and it's only when the most courageous of them dares to take the first step that the cars finally stop. We're all familiar with the image of old grannies or the disabled summoning their last strength to hurry over the battleground to avoid being hit by a car."

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