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Todorov, Margarit

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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 27/06/2012

Bulgaria an unrecognised model state

Whereas many EU countries are up to their necks in debt Bulgaria has a firm grip on its finances, with public debt at roughly 16 percent of GDP. But most foreign investors are completely unaware of this, the daily 24 Chasa laments, arguing that the country badly needs to work on its image: "As one of the few EU countries with stable finances and which firmly observes EU regulations, Bulgaria should engage in an aggressive advertising campaign to benefit from the euro crisis. To prevent the Greeks, who are now looking for safe and stable countries where they can relocate their billions, from overlooking Bulgaria altogether. ... What good does our financial stability do us if no one ever hears about it? The foreign investments that considerably raised our GDP in the years before the crisis have run dry, and that is due to our country's poor image. ... Only if Bulgaria improves its image can it lead its people to prosperity."

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