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Todoranov, Dimitar

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Pressa Daily - Bulgaria | 13/08/2014

Poor Bulgarians not interested in culture

According to a recent Eurobarometer survey only two in ten Bulgarians attended a cultural event in the past year. This figure means that the Bulgarians have the least contact with culture in the EU, and on average spend just seven euros per year on theatre, opera and books. The Pressa Daily newspaper is concerned: "How could it come to this? And where is our nation heading? The second question is easier to answer: we are heading nowhere, because a nation that has no enthusiasm for education and intellectual activity has no future. ... If we can't manage to teach our children to see culture as a necessity and be curious about it, all is lost. ... But faced with the choice between bringing our children to the theatre or putting food on the table, most will opt for the latter, and that's understandable. ... Therefore we must join forces, supported by the state and the patrons, and do everything possible to ensure that more Bulgarians have access to culture."

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