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Tobagi, Benedetta

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La Repubblica - Italy | 23/06/2010

Portrayal of mafia denouncer as martyr just PR gag

Italian writer Roberto Saviano lies on a stretcher in a morgue. The Italian men's magazine MAX says it is featuring this photomontage on the cover of its July issue in a show of support for the author of the mafia novel Gomorrah. But for the left-liberal daily La Repubblica the initiative distorts the personality of the author: "This perverse game doesn't help the people or writer Roberto Saviano in any way. On the contrary, it forces him into the cliché role of an icon. It only helps those who want to turn him into a commercial object. ... He is reduced to a projection surface. Saviano is being robbed bit by bit not only of his freedom, but also his humanity. ... A nasty joke ... that weakens the power of words for which Saviano has risked so much."

La Repubblica - Italy | 21/04/2010

Staying and writing better than boycott

After Silvio Berlusconi accused Roberto Saviano of doing PR for the mafia with his novel Gomorrah, the best-selling author is considering leaving his publisher Mondadori, which is owned by the Italian prime minister. Writing in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica Author Benedetta Tobagi appeals to him to stay with Mondadori: "If you believe in the political role of writing and assume responsibility towards your readers, publishing under the best possible conditions for as broad a readership as possible ceases to be a personal decision. Is it really better for writers to abandon the publishing house in droves? Can't more be achieved by staying and writing? Authors are not 'publishing house employees'. ... Staying means sticking to one's cause, assuming responsibility and defending colleagues who are being attacked."

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