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Tito, Claudio

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La Repubblica - Italy | 07/03/2013

Minority government only the means to an end

After the stalemate in Italy's parliamentary elections the leader of the social democratic PD, Pier Luigi Bersani received the unanimous support of his party for forming a minority government. But appearances are deceptive, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica writes: "We tried, but if [leader of the M5S movement] Grillo refuses to play along it's not us who are to blame for the chaos, but him. This line of thinking on Bersani's part has at least secured him the support of his party. For now. Because few in the PD are really convinced that leader Bersani's 'Plan A' can be successful. The leaders of the individual groups aren't convinced and much less so President Giorgio Napolitano. The unanimity of the vote is the clearest sign that this is just a temporary initiative. ... The real alternative is: a government led by an independent prime minister which unites all blocs, or new elections."

La Repubblica - Italy | 01/07/2011

Italy's government pretends to economise

The Italian cabinet on Thursday passed an austerity package to the tune of several billion euros aimed at balancing out the country's budget by 2014 and making it immune to the debt crisis. The announced measures are nothing but hot air because the Berlusconi government assiduously avoids unpopular decisions to remain in power, writes the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "The government is incapable of making decisions. Its majority is too weak and confused to chart out a clear course. Every decision degenerates into a bad compromise. The executive is entrapped in its own weakness and a coalition that become prematurely exhausted - as if it could foresee the end of its term of office. The weakness of the government is most apparent in the budget plan. It comes across like an empty shell, a collection of good intentions that are to be fulfilled at some distant point in the future."

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