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Tita, Teodor

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Contributors - Romania | 21/03/2011

Corrupt MEPs must go

Reporters of the British weekly the Sunday Times posed as lobbyists and tried to bribe EU parliamentarians to support certain changes to the law. Three MEPs are said to have agreed. The Austrian politician Ernst Strasser has now resigned as leader of the ÖVP delegation, a Slovenian MEP has yet to take a stance while the Romanian MEP Adrian Severin denies the accusations. Teodor Tita calls for Severin to resign in his blog for the portal: "MEPs are not Romanian customs officers standing at the future Schengen border and receiving 200 euros per month. MEPs play an infinitely more important role. ... They are the democratic face of a bureaucracy that is often accused of making decisions without consulting the people. ... But what sense does it make when these bureaucrats are represented by people who accept bribes? ... In the debate about the EU this is the last subject we want to be discussing. ... Therefore both the Alliance of Socialists in the EU Parliament and the Social Democratic Party in Romania should not hesitate to part ways with Severin."

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