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Tischler Taillard, Didier

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La Tribune de Genève - Switzerland | 07/04/2014

Switzerland doesn't need fighter jets

A referendum on the controversial purchase of 22 fighter jets worth around three billion francs (roughly 2.5 billion euros) will take place in Switzerland on May 18. In his blog for the regional daily La Tribune de Genève, journalist Didier Tischler Taillard writes that the plan runs counter to Switzerland's image of a peace-loving country: "How can Switzerland, which created the Red Cross and is still home to its world headquarters, on whose territory countless official peace organisations and NGOs work, purchase fighter planes? Henri Dunant [who founded the Red Cross] must be turning over in his grave. Switzerland is a neutral country devoted to peace. To be consistent it shouldn't even have an army. In this rich state with a growing number of poor people, the Federal Council is asking the people to toss billions out the window for planes that will serve absolutely no purpose other than to make arms dealers rich and to please army leaders still living in the 20th century."

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