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Tinsley, Orla

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The Irish Times - Ireland | 26/01/2011

Irish need more courage

Thousands of young Irish are leaving their home country disillusioned to find work in places like Canada, Australia or New Zealand. They are already being called the "generation emigration". For people to stay they must regain confidence in their own ability to change Ireland, the liberal daily The Irish Times points out: "We need a dynamic force of new energies, new ideas and a sense of responsibility for the people of Ireland. We need a politics that reflects the rebirth of a downtrodden nation; we need citizens' participation alongside that of politicians. Building accountability for a country is no small task. We need to empower every single woman, man and child in this country with the knowledge that they have power through new choices. We are not a condemned country, deals can be renegotiated and as the Government dissolves in front of our very eyes, it challenges the strength and resolve of the true spirit of the Irish people one last time."

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