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Štindl, Ondřej

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 03/01/2012

Havel to help against fear of flying

Thousands of Czechs have signed a petition calling for the Prague airport to be renamed after the country's late president Václav Havel. Opponents of the project say Havel himself would have been appalled at the idea given that he suffered from fear of flying. The bitter dispute is beset by paradoxes as great as those embodied by Havel himself, comments the conservative daily Lidové noviny: "Many people are afraid of flying. Just imagine someone like that on the way to what would be Havel Airport. Perhaps he would find the strength to overcome his fear of flying. He could tell himself: 'If Havel was able to overcome his fear then I can do it too.' Overcoming fear was, after all, one of Havel's leitmotifs. To honour Havel by naming the airport after him seems an advantageous choice under such circumstances. Perhaps the idea is a bit paradoxical and funny. But so were many of Havel's ideas."

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