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Tinç, Timur

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Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | 08/01/2016

EU kowtowing to Turkey for fear of refugees

European diplomats are warning that Turkey could slide into civil war in view of the fighting that has gone on for weeks between the military and the outlawed Kurdish PKK. The EU must not ignore the situation, the centre-left daily Frankfurter Rundschau warns: "Last summer [President Erdoğan] needlessly ended the peace process with the PKK he himself had launched. The government of the Islamic-conservative AKP has already announced that it will only stop its campaign when all the terrorists have been caught or killed - as if that was even possible and wouldn't just push more young people into the waiting arms of the PKK. … It's a vicious circle that must be broken, and the EU in particular should see to it that it is. It's as if Europe's politicians were afraid of criticising Erdoğan because they don't want to lose him as their border guard. But that would be an admission of total failure for the EU's refugee policy."

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