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Tinagli, Irene

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La Stampa - Italy | 05/11/2010

The end of Spain's macho era

The Spanish parliament is currently debating a law according to which children would bear the family names of both parents in alphabetical order unless the parents expressly desire a different solution. Until now the father's name has always preceded the mother's. This signifies the end of the macho era in Spain, writes the liberal Italian daily La Stampa: "This reform has high symbolic value, and signifies the end of a society in which until recently everything revolved around men. Times have changed and keep on changing. Equality is a serious matter in Spain, not only at election time. It has been a priority of the government since Zapatero took office in 2004. One of the first things his government did was to pass a law on violence against women which has led not only to the creation of a network of shelters for women, but also to much money being invested in prevention. It is surprising that despite the crisis and political difficulties this government has not lost sight of the civil rights and the role of women."

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