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Tiesenhausen, Friederike von

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Financial Times Deutschland - Germany | 29/11/2011

Climate protection gives competitive edge

Whether or not China and the US refuse to adopt the climate protection targets in Durban Europe should still set itself the ambitious goal of reducing its greenhouse gases by 30 percent by 2020, even if it's just for purely economic reasons, the liberal Financial Times Deutschland urges: "The first reason is the prospect of lower costs in the long term. At first glance it may seem cheaper and easier to stick to the current business model but it's clear that it will have to change sooner or later anyway: the cost of fossil fuels will rise. The next oil shock is sure to come. And many studies predict that costs for renewable energies will go down. ... The second reason is the competition advantage of the 'first mover'. The expansion of renewable energies and green technologies has already been a success story for Germany. The Germans are the technological frontrunners in many green applications worldwide - and it should be noted that this lucrative expertise didn't come from nowhere but is the result of favourable political conditions and environmental regulations."

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