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Tiemeijer, Will

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Trouw - Netherlands | 22/04/2008

Will Tiemeijer weighs the wisdom of the masses

Dutch researcher Will Tiemeiger is critical of the idea of 'wiki-democracy,' a concept that operates according to the idea that a large number of people always know better, or more, than a single, well-informed person. "There is a new argument against the political elite, an argument that is rapidly gaining popularity: 'the wisdom of the masses'. With, as a bonus, the appearance of a staggering phenomenon: ask a large number of people to estimate the number of beans that can fit into a jar and you'll see that the average of the guesses will be closer to the real number than any of the individual guesses. In other situations as well, the group is, overall, cleverer than its members taken separately. ... Thus, it's no longer necessary that people are familiar with subjects. Counting all the opinions on the matter, one after the other, and a wise decision will emerge. Isn't this the ultimate argument for more democracy?"

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