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Tichomirovas, Sergejus

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Mūsų Respublika - Lithuania | 01/03/2010

Prevent an EU nuclear waste repository in Lithuania

Last week the British daily The Times reported that eight EU states, including Lithuania, have founded an organisation for the disposal of nuclear waste. The daily Respublika says the Lithuanian public has been ignored: "The Times already knows where this nuclear waste from all over Europe is to come to rest: in Eastern Europe, perhaps even in Lithuania. The little-known Rata agency is already active in this area in our country, and its director Dainius Janėnas has now come out with the truth: Yes, Lithuania could also become a place for the final storage of Europe's nuclear waste - despite the fact that our laws ban the import of radioactive waste. Janėnas had a ready answer to that: Laws can be changed. But they don't even have to be. Under an EU directive Lithuania could officially be declared Europe's nuclear waste repository. Do citizens have no say whatsoever in the decision on whether their children should grow up surrounded by radioactive waste?"

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