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Tišťan, Tomáš

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Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 12/08/2013

Slovakia does too little for tourists

Marek Harbuľák, president of the Slovak Tourism Association (ZCR), has blamed the high value-added tax in his country for the fact that neighbouring Hungary attracts more tourists than Slovakia. The liberal daily Hospodárske noviny however sees poor service as the real disadvantage of the Slovakian tourist sector: "Let's take the joint Hungarian-Slovakian cave system Domica Baradla, for instance. The contrast between the two entrances to the caves could hardly be greater. Apart from paid parking and a tickets sales point, the Slovakian has nothing to offer. On the Hungarian side you have 15 stands selling food, drink and souvenirs. There's also a big restaurant, a playground, stands selling honey and an exhibition. Parking is free. Families spend the whole day there with their children after visiting the caves. On the Slovakian side the most you can do is eat a jar of pickles you brought along yourself sitting on your car bonnet. We shouldn't complain about taxes and work on our smiles and being inventive instead. That worked in Hungary."

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