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Thomas, Pierre-Henri

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Le Soir - Belgium | 03/05/2013

More courage would do the Eurozone good

The lowering of the base interest rate was overdue, writes the liberal daily Le Soir, which nevertheless feels the ECB should have had the courage to take even more radical steps: "The decision taken by the ECB on Thursday is doubly pleasing. First of all because the bank in Frankfurt has demonstrated its independence: despite pressure from the Bundesbank and voices in Germany that spoke out in favour of maintaining the status quo or even raising interest rates, the ECB decided to do the opposite. The other positive thing is that the ECB has understood that in matters of monetary policy one must speak out loudly - and correctly. ... But just because it's annoyed with Greece, why must Europe contradict the Olympic motto (higher, faster, further)? Why must it always do too little, too slowly and too late? In the US, a country that has resumed growth and scored points against unemployment, the Federal Reserve long ago lowered the key rate to zero."

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