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Thierry, Nicolas

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Libération - France | 22/08/2012

Shale gas not an option for France

Apart from Bulgaria, France is the sole European country that has declined to produce unconventional forms of natural gas. The government should hold its course and continue to say no to shale gas production, urges political advisor Nicolas Thierry in the left-lieral daily Libération: "Multinational companies are attempting to manipulate a debate whose results involve long-term obligations. If you reduce the discussion to the technical aspects of shale gas production, you're implicitly admitting that this energy source is acceptable. But isn't the core of the issue much more the place of fossil fuels in tomorrow's economy and environmental policy? This debate is entirely political, in the truest sense of the word: if you accept that this sort of fossil energy is produced in France, it can only be because issues like climate change and sustainability don't play any role whatsoever in political thinking. The positions of our politicians on this issue show just what sort of society they aspire to in the future."

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