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Theyssen, Andreas

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Financial Times Deutschland - Germany | 30/09/2008

Andreas Theyssen on EU scepticism

Andreas Theyssen calls in the Financial Times Deutschland for Europeans to take a tougher stance on Euroscepticism. "We have grown accustomed to the idea that EU scepticism has long since become mainstream. But now it has taken on a new quality: socially acceptable and politically successful EU phobia. We should under no circumstances allow ourselves to become accustomed to this. In Austria the ruling SPÖ won the elections with an explicitly anti-EU campaign. ... The Czech Republic which is an EU member has a president, Vaclav Klaus, whose Brussels phobia is legendary. In Ireland, billionaire Declan Ganley organised a campaign that ensured that his countrymen voted against the EU treaty ... thus plunging the entire Union into a state of paralysis. And now that EU-predator is getting ready to unite the anti-European forces in the Czech Republic, Sweden, France, the UK and Poland. And are the pro-Europeans responding? Those who haven't gone underground are simply staring as if hypnotised, like a rabbit watching a snake. Yet the time has come to finally show our commitment to the European Union, one of the most fascinating projects in modern history. The time has come to turn our attention from the - undoubtedly ongoing - bureaucratic pussy-footing in Brussels and point to the true nature of the EU. ... The EU is certainly in need of reform, but it is a project worth fighting for. Therefore the pro-Europeans should under no circumstances leave the stage to the Ganleys, the Klaus's and the Haiders."

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