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Théry, Irène

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Télérama - France | 05/03/2008

Irène Théry denounces the notion of the individual

The sociologist Irène Théry, interviewed by Catherine Portevin, criticises the notion of the individual, seeing in it a step backwards for women. "When political authorities speak of the individual, they generally refer to a neutral, asexual being. But who has actually met such an asexual individual in ordinary life? Inversely, note that when these same politicians broach gender issues, they completely forget this individual: here we are immediately split into two essential, fixed categories, 'Men' here and 'women' over there, as if each of us only belonged to one half of humanity. I see here a regression in relation to the universalistic demands that have always existed in the feminist movement, where women indeed expressed their refusal to be confined to their 'difference'."

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