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Theofel, Nina

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Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 18/06/2009

The Sudeten German resistance is poorly researched

Organisations representing the Sudeten Germans, the former German-language population expelled from Czechoslovakia after 1945, have done too little research into their role in the anti-Nazi resistance, writes the German-language Prager Zeitung: "The Sudeten Germans are often painted as Hitler's fifth column in Czechoslovakia. This one-sided historical image should be corrected. However the Sudeten Germans are also partially responsible for this cut-and-dried image people have of them. Their collective memory is above all characterised by the woes of expulsion. ... Until now the role of the Sudeten Germans as collaborators with National Socialism has been subject to no more research than the part they played in the resistance. Consequently it is less scandalous that this topic has been discovered so late in the Czech Republic than that it has has been ignored until today in Germany, both by historians of the resistance and by the Sudeten Germans themselves."

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