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Théobald, Frédéric

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La Vie - France | 03/01/2008

Ken Lach bemoans how capitalism is governing the world

The exploitation of immigrant workers in the UK is the subject treated by British film-maker Ken Loach in his latest film, 'It's a Free World'. Interviewed by Frédéric Théobold, he evokes how powerless film-makers feel. "You have to be naïve to think that a film can oppose the economic forces that govern the planet. My answer for people who ask me what is to be done is, join trade-unions and get immigrant workers to do the same. If, as a film-maker, I am powerless, the working class, by contrast, can weigh upon which way the world goes. This is because without the working class, the economy will come to a stand-still. ... This being said, the system is like a crazy machine that nobody can control anymore. ... How to stop this machine before it destroys the planet? For the first time in the history of humanity, this destruction is not only possible, but probable."

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