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Thalmann, Jörg

Thalmann, Jörg

Geboren 1934, aufgewachsen in Winterthur, hat in Zürich Literatur, Philosophie und Geschichte studiert und mit einer Dissertation über Kafka doktoriert. 1967-97 Brüsseler Korrespondent für Deutschschweizer Regionalzeitungen, bis 1982 auch für Radio DRS. Seit 1997 pensioniert, lebt in Brüssel.

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Journal 21 - Switzerland | 13/04/2014

Recognise Russia as a major power

The West has paved the way for Russia's actions in Ukraine by misjudging it, the web magazine Journal 21 comments: "Our outrage is suppressing self-criticism. That is more important than criticism of Putin! It must teach us to judge Russia more accurately in future: no longer as a weakling but as a power in Eastern Europe with its own political values and traditions which contradict ours. Perhaps even as a power that wants to play on the same level as the US and China, not to mention the internationally lame Europe, in global politics. This doesn't mean a new edition of the Cold War that people talked about at the beginning in the heat of the moment, but as the former US ambassador to Moscow and Obama's special assistant on security issues McFaul put it, an 'intellectual and normative struggle' between the West and Putin's autocratic system."

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