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Tezkan, Mehmet

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Milliyet - Turkey | 02/06/2015

Turkey treats journalists like traitors

The daily Cumhuriyet on Friday published pictures purportedly showing weapons deliveries by Turkey's intelligence service to Syrian rebels in January 2014. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threatened the paper in reaction and said the publication of these images was espionage. Unacceptable behaviour on the president's part, the conservative daily Milliyet criticises: "Prime Minister [Ahmet Davutoğlu] has said that it's no one's business what was in those lorries. ... Does that mean that no questions may be put to our leaders on this issue? ... If that's the case, it poses a major problem for democracy and the rule of law. ... The second major problem is accusing the investigative journalist of treason and espionage, which makes him a target. If journalists and newspapers are treated like traitors when they publish news and documents that compromise the government, there will soon be no more media at all in this country."

Milliyet - Turkey | 13/05/2014

Antalya needs its beer festival

After the Turkish local elections at the end of March, Antalya's new mayor, Menderes Türel, declared that he would withdraw support for the city's beer festival, which has taken place annually since 2009. While the pro-government press has praised the AKP politician's decision, the conservative daily Milliyet believes he will soon feel the backlash: "What was the idea behind the beer festival? To attract three million Germans. It has nothing to do with a harvest festival or with free beer. The purpose of the festival is to attract tourists. To be more exact: Germans. How many Germans would come to an orange marmalade festival? Would the hotels really fill up for an orange juice festival?Congratulations to the former mayor for getting the beer festival off the ground. What to say to the new mayor? Let's wait and see if a beer festival is organised for the Germans in October or not?"

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