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Terziew, Ianko

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Kapital - Bulgaria | 21/01/2008

The impact of the Bulgarian scandal film "Baklava"

Bulgarian director Alexo Petrov's film 'Baklava', which depicts conditions in a Bulgarian home for children, has generated impassioned discussion in the country. Even before the film's international premiere, the deputy director of the Agency for Child Protection and the head of the home shown in the film have been fired. Janko Tersiew observes: "The case of 'Baklava' shows that art with a social conscience can change the status quo. ... Art can perceive symptoms and present a diagnosis. But healing can only be accomplished by a state that is determined, financed and controlled by its people. … You might be put off by Alexo Petrov's means of expression, but you have to defend his freedom to use it."

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