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Terzea-Ofrim, Lucia

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Dilema Veche - Romania | 10/11/2009

Ionesco belongs to all of us

November 26 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Romanian-born author Eugène Ionesco who after emigrating to France became one of the country's most renowned post-war dramatists. The weekly Dilema Veche comments on the ongoing dispute over his nationality: "Only dreadful naivety or dumbness could lead one to believe that by the time Ionesco went to France as a 33-year-old Romania had not left its stamp on him and the cultural atmosphere of interwar Bucharest could have passed him by without leaving a trace. … The situation is clear with regard to the celebrated author. Through his work he rose to such heights that his biography no longer counts, that he can no longer be exclusively assigned to a particular cultural sphere, be it the conventional centre of the literary world or the end of the world."

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