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Tertrais, Bruno

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Le Monde - France | 04/10/2015

Alliance with Putin would herald disaster

The West must not cooperate with Moscow in the Syria conflict, the centre-left daily Le Monde warns: "Teaming up with Putin would mean dashing the hopes of the majority of the Syrian population and swelling the flood of refugees, also towards Europe. It would mean joining forces with him in a 'thirty years war' against much of the Sunni world. On top of that, jihadist circles are already delighted at Russia's intervention in Syria: what could be nobler than to repeat the war in Afghanistan [that started in 1979], the founding act of modern jihadism? What better recruiting campaign could the IS ask for? ... Working together with Putin would not be a lifebuoy for the West but certain death by drowning. It would not mean choosing realism over idealism - and even less efficiency over fairness. It would announce an even more pathetic geostrategic disaster than the one we now face in Syria."

Le Monde - France | 25/02/2014

Putin wants a new Cold War

Anyone who portrays the current conflict over Ukraine as a new version of the Cold War is doing Putin a favour, political scientist Bruno Tertrais warns in the left-liberal daily Le Monde with an eye to Putin's jockeying for supremacy: "The fact is that Vladimir Putin is seeking to revive the strategic competition between Russia and the West. The first step is to mobilise Russian society around a strong power in a country that is supposedly threatened from the outside. And the second thing is to use energy supplies to neutralise - or even subdue - border states. ... Like Beijing, Moscow seems to dream of a new sort of global Monroe Doctrine [American non-intervention doctrine from 1823] according to which each large power would dominate its own backyard - and limit themselves to that. This is how we must interpret the recent UN vetoes by Russia and China regarding Syria. The image of a new Cold War is dangerous: those who go along with the idea that we are reliving a past era are playing into Putin's hands."

Le Figaro - France | 14/02/2012

Bruno Tertrais on the UN veto rights of authoritarian states

Russia and China have blocked a resolution against the Syrian regime with their veto in the UN Security Council. The politician Bruno Tertrais criticises veto rights as obsolete in the conservative daily Le Figaro: "Today the international community is at the mercy of political decisions taken by two authoritarian regimes: in one the tone is set by a mafia-like oligarchy and all-powerful secret service, while the other is ruled by a corrupt political-military elite whose highest goal is to hold on to power. Must the fate of nations under threat be held hostage by institutions like the FSB, Russia's internal secret service, the Communist Party of China and the People's Liberation Army? That's what comes of the golden rule of only acting on the basis of a resolution by the Security Council."

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