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Šterbenc, Primož

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Večer - Slovenia | 05/07/2013

Brilliant move by the military

The military coup in Egypt comes as no surprise because the army is more cunning than the Muslim Brothers and the anti-Islamist opposition, the conservative daily Večer writes: "The generals worked together pragmatically with the Muslim Brothers for a time. So in the new constitution the Muslim Brothers included an article on the inviolability of the military. In the meantime the army was only waiting for the conflicts between the Muslim Brothers and the anti-Islamists to come to a head and for a situation to arise that would make it necessary for the army to step in and ensure stability. The non-Islamic opposition groups that just a year ago were strongly criticising the military and blaming it for stealing their revolution have now gratefully welcomed the military takeover. That only goes to show what a brilliant move this was."

Večer - Slovenia | 06/01/2009

Criticism of the EU and US in the Gaza conflict

In an opinion piece for the daily Večer, political scientist and Middle East expert Dr Primož Šterbenc criticises the pro-Israeli stance of the US and EU in the Gaza conflict. "Israel is attacking the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian people, ... as well as Hamas with its Kalashnikovs with ultra-modern weapons. The abuse of the occupied Palestinian people continues. This can only lead to the strengthening of the Palestinian religious identity and radical tendencies. The US persists with its policy of unconditional support for Israel and it's simply shocking that despite its tradition of upholding international law the EU has been incapable of criticising and punishing the Israeli politicians. ... It is a paradox to see how the great disparity between the Israeli military strength and that of Hamas and between the numbers of victims [on the two sides] is deliberately being overlooked."

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