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Teodorescu, Bogdan

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Cotidianul - Romania | 09/11/2009

Băsescu wants absolute power

Romanian president Traian Băsescu has proposed Liviu Negoiţă, mayor of Bucharest's Sector 3, as the new Romanian prime minister after the Romanian parliament rejected his first candidate for the post, Lucian Croitoru. The daily Cotidianul explains why Băsescu chose Negoiţă: "For lack of more solid and qualified names Traian Băsescu has nominated someone who in addition to the inevitable losses could also secure him certain advantages. With Negoiţă at his side Băsescu can hope to win votes in Bucharest, a city where he has pretty much lost all his voters. … At this point Traian Băsescu had the choice between being re-elected for another five years (he need only have proposed [Klaus] Johannis as candidate to achieve this) or a future mandate that secures him maximum power. … Faced with the choice between political survival and absolute power Traian Băsescu opted for the latter."

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