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Ten Hove, Johan

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Trouw - Netherlands | 17/02/2014

Speed skating most boring Olympic discipline

The Dutch are winning medal after medal in speed skating at the Sochi Winter Games. No wonder some want to have the sport struck from the Olympic programme, columnist Johan Ten Hove jokes in the Christian-social daily Trouw: "Yes, I love skating as a sport. And yes, I find speed skating totally boring. For example the long-distances. Two guys in skin-tight racing suits (or two girls, you can't see the difference) skate lap after lap, no matter if it looks good or ugly, the main thing is it should be fast. That can go on for hours. ... And since the Dutch are the only ones who win, international enthusiasm isn't long in waning. But what about the thousand fans who paint their faces and dress in orange-coloured clothes to watch the events and party like mad? Yes, they do exist. But just give them a brass band and a couple of drinks and leave the speed skaters at home, so they don't do anything to spoil the mood, and the party will be none the worse for it."

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