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Tellidis, Ioannis

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Blog Lse Europp - United Kingdom | 20/06/2012

Ioannis Tellidis criticises the loss of values among EU politicians

That leading EU politicians have welcomed the election of the party Nea Dimokratia in Greece, which is tainted by corruption, highlights the decline of values in Europe, writes the political scientist Ioannis Tellidis on the blog of the London School of Economics and Political Science: "If anything, the consolidation of democracy in the South through membership in the EU constituted the belief that the Union would be a mechanism of checks and balances against the ... machinations and violations of human rights that were experienced during dictatorships or politically precarious eras. With their current stance and support towards pro-austerity parties and policies that lead to further asphyxiation, misrepresentation and - crucially - loss of dignity, EU and German officials have seriously damaged their credibility and reliability - not just in Greece, but also in Ireland, Portugal and recently Spain. The EU could have shown its solidarity to the countries of the periphery, not by allowing things to stay the same, but by utilising the very values, objectives and ideals of the Union as incentives for the improvement of governance and governability in these countries."

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