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Teister, Wojciech

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Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 19/11/2015

Poles shouldn't take Western press so seriously

The Polish government's plans have been heavily criticised in Western European Media over the last few days. The Catholic website Gość Niedzielny advises the Poles not to take such criticism so seriously: "Naturally it's always good to get on with one's neighbours. But the Western media's griping about the Polish government is a bit like when the esteemed ladies of the neighbourhood criticise us when we start renovating our house. The government hasn't even started governing yet. And even if they criticise the new colour of the house, are you really going to repaint it or pull down the façade you've just built? Not likely, because what matters is what you like. So we should care about what the Western newspapers are saying as much as we care about our neighbours' whispered criticism."

Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 17/02/2015

One-day hunger strike an embarrassment

To show solidarity with the Ukrainian pilot currently detained in Russia who has been on a hunger strike since mid-December, several members of the parliamentary group of the European Conservatives and Reformists are taking turns refusing to eat for one day in a rotating hunger strike. It was Polish MEP Michał Boni's turn last Friday. The action is as laughable as it is inappropriate, the Catholic portal Gość Niedzielny believes: "This is the proof of the grand, heroic courage of the European parliamentarians, who are even willing to sacrifice their breakfast, lunch and dinner for world peace. ... But seriously: even if you overlook how laughable this one-day hunger strike is, only normal people should resort to such a means. Because they have no other choice. From politicians, by contrast, whose task is to exercise power, one expects political action."

Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 11/08/2014

Uefa bullying Poland by kicking club out

Uefa excluded the Polish league champion Legia Warsaw from the Champions League on Friday after the Polish manager fielded an ineligible player shortly before the end of a qualifying game against Celtic Glasgow. Now the Scottish club is into the next round. This is total harassment, Wojciech Teister fumes on the national religious portal Gość Niedzielny: "The stupidity of the Polish functionaries is one thing. But regardless of that Uefa is acting like a gang of bandits. This decision is certainly not good marketing for beautiful football. I would like to know whether Uefa would have made the same decision if it wasn't Legia but a club from Russia, England or France. ... And it's a real pity that the principle of fair play which Uefa and Fifa have made their motto hasn't been applied here."

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