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Štefančík, Radoslav

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Sme - Slovakia | 03/09/2014

Slovaks discriminate against rainbow families

The Slovakian organisation Alliance for the Family last week presented President Andrej Kiska with a petition for a referendum on preventing same-sex partners from adopting children. The liberal daily Sme is critical of the referendum, which may be held by the end of the year: "The issues of this referendum convey the impression that some citizens are worth less than others in Slovakia - simply because of their sexual orientation. ... In this emotional debate the backwards view that only the traditional family with a man and a woman is perfect dominates. Yet good parents are above all those who bring up their children responsibly. Is it really better for a child to be brought up in a family lacking the material requirements and affection than by well-off same-sex partners who give the child all it needs?"

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