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Štefančík, Radoslav

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Sme - Slovakia | 27/05/2014

Why the Slovakians didn't vote

The lowest voter turnout for the European elections was registered in Slovakia, where it was just 13 percent even though the Slovakians are considered to be particularly well disposed to the EU. The liberal daily Sme seeks an explanation: "The reasons for the low turnout aren't just to be looked for in the fact that the people doubt the significance of the European Parliament. They can also be found in the information from Brussels reported in the media. What arouses the interest of voters is stories about corruption in the distribution of EU funds, the high salaries of the MEPs and their assistants, or the absurd interference of the EU with the traditions of member states. Added to that is the fact that until now the MEPs from Slovakia have hardly been a subject of interest for the general public. And finally the disinterest also has to do with the very weak voter identification with the political parties. It's the parties' job to change that."

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