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Teczár, Szilárd

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Magyar Narancs - Hungary | 28/06/2015

Orbán's dangerous rhetoric against immigrants

In view of the aggressive rhetoric of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the debate on refugees, it's already clear who will be to blame if violent acts are committed against foreigners in Hungary, the liberal weekly paper Magyar Narancs writes: "We know all too well that Orbán can no longer backtrack on the refugee issue without losing face. As a minimal concession, however, he should tell the people of Hungary that asylum seekers are not freeloaders or criminals but people with a right to be cared for in Hungary and to receive fair treatment as refugees. ... If, on the contrary, the refugees are attacked by the Hungarian state or population, Viktor Orbán must be held personally responsible. Because he is the one who has fanned resentment against immigrants."

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