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Taylor Woods, Eric

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Blog EUROPP - United Kingdom | 03/09/2012

Eric Taylor Woods on the UK's unfitting national pride

The national pride displayed by the British both during the Olympic Games and the ongoing Paralympic Games is uncalled-for in view of the country's history, nationalism researcher Eric Taylor Woods writes in the London School of Economics' blog Europp: "Britain is perhaps more deeply entangled with the world than any other country, yet nowhere was this in evidence in the opening ceremonies. It seems that the ongoing controversy over the meaning of Britain's imperial history, as to whether it should be celebrated or mourned, has led many Britons to prefer to willfully forget Britain's engagement with the world altogether. Does Britain's controversial global history mean that it must now reconstruct a hermetic image of itself? I hope not. Without reference to Britain's global history, there is no way to properly understand the contemporary world, much less Britain or its contemporary multicultural demography."

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