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Taylor, Paul

Paul Taylor is the FT's personal technology columnist. His weekly Friday column focuses on new developments in software, hardware and IT services

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Financial Times - United Kingdom | 28/12/2007

How to get rid of unwanted gifts

Paul Taylor, who writes a column about computer technology, suggests what to do with undesired gifts after Christmas. "The pseudo verb to 'regift', and the noun derived from it, 'regifter' first appeared in an episode of the Seinfeld comedy sitcom titled 'The Label Maker' that was aired in 1995. No doubt the tradition of repackaging unwanted gifts like that dreadful cardigan from Aunt Betty or the neo-punk CD released by a band you have never heard of predates Seinfeld. But in an age of recycling, regifting appears to be catching on. ... Ebay, the leading web auction site, now provide less risky options for recycling unwanted gifts and outdated high tech gadgets. Why not sell the psychedelic tie given by a 'friend' and then use the proceeds to buy something you really want? Remember the old adage that 'one person's junk is another person's treasure'."

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