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Taylor, Kathleen

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 21/12/2011

North Koreans victims of brain washing

Images of North Koreans weeping hysterically swept across the world after the death of dictator Kim Jong-il. The mourning is the result of brain washing, the left-liberal daily The Guardian suspects: "The intense social pressures make adopting - or appearing to adopt - new beliefs the easiest course of action. Believers always have reasons, however strange their beliefs may seem to us. The five basic techniques use isolation, control, uncertainty, repetition and emotions. ... Combined over years, these techniques are immensely powerful. Yet even North Korea's control is far from total. The more the regime is seen as a source of uncertainty and hardship, rather than a protection, the likelier it is to crumble - and that collapse could be very rapid. Not all the tears are genuine. But nor are they all fake. Kim Jong-il offered stability. However he abused his long-suffering people, the fear they must now be feeling is surely real."

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